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Aquarius - Dive Zanzibar - PADI Five Star Dive Centre offering daily dives and dive courses

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We take safety very seriously at Aquarius Divers, as proved by our excellent safety record.  All of our boats are fully equipped with life jackets, radios, flares, emergency oxygen, and we always dive with a surface marker buoy.  All snorkelling is guided by one of our staff who carries a life ring with him at all times.  Thanks to being very careful we have never had an accident but every member of staff from the guy who fills the tanks to the company director have been trained in administering oxygen in a diving emergency and CPR, just in case.

We are proud to be a DAN Diving Safety Partner.  This scheme launched by DAN (Divers Alert Network) in Southern Africa was designed to promote safe diving practices both above and below the water and recognised dive centres that met strict criteria.  These criteria included having effective emergency plans in place, having proper training in emergency management for all staff, equipping boats with the necessary safety equipment and following what are widely regarded as safe diving techniques while under water.  Being part of this scheme entitles us to access to a large search and rescue fund that we will probably never use but it is always there.

The first recompression chamber in Zanzibar opened in July 2006.  Several dive centres on the island help to maintain the chamber by paying a premium to the operators to ensure they have adequate supplies of oxygen, etc.

We are also proud to be one of Africa's few Bauer PureAir Stations.